Girl Who is Changing the World: Jen Saunders!

12 Aug

“Know that you are more than enough, and you will have more than enough.”

~Jen Saunders

I am so excited to bring you the first woman we are celebrating in the ‘Girls Who Are Changing The World’ Friday feature, my friend, Jen Saunders.  Now, even though I’ve never met Jen in person, I still feel like I know her.  She is an artist, the writer behind the blog ‘My Smiling Heart’ and is also the founder and editor of the new magazine, Wild Sister.  Wild Sister is a new online magazine, created to empower women:

“Created and written by artists, poets, travellers, coaches, muses and bloggers; each issue breathes love, truth, wisdom, inspiration and empowerment into the lives of women everywhere.”

I found Jen through her blog and know her because she has allowed me to be a writer for her amazing magazine.  Jen is paving the way for women to be exactly who they want to be and do exactly what they want to do.  She just got back to her home in Melbourne, Australia after spending a year in Daqing, China where she originally went to teach English but ended up finding herself.

“I can see the romanticism in my journey. I was a scared little girl when I first arrived here, unaware of who I was or what I was looking for in life. Now, I’m leaving here a woman. A woman who knows who she is, how far she’s come and where she’s going now. I came here with my head down, trying to hide from life. Now, I’ll be leaving Daqing with my head held high, ready to handle whatever life throws at me.”

She is now living life the way she wants; writing her blog and being the Editor-in-Chief of her magazine.  I admire Jen for being a positive force for good and sharing it with the world.  Not only that, but she has created a vehicle for other women to do the same.  Wild Sister Magazine is filled with so much truth and beauty, inspiring and empowering with every page and every word. 

Wild Sister will change the world.

I am so incredibly grateful to Jen for being an example of a woman who is creating the life of her dreams.  I believe that in order to change the world, we must first change ourselves.  Jen is helping us do just that with the beautiful words on her blog and the beautiful pages of her magazine.

She describes having a smiling heart as:

“…being so happy that you can feel every part of yourself smiling, as though the sun shines in you and through you, brightening your whole life.”

Infinite love and gratitude to Jen for being an inspiration to me and so many others. 

Read Jen’s blog My Smiling Heart.

Join the Wild Sisterhood.

Follow Jen on Twitter: @smiling_heart

Follow Wild Sister on Twitter: @wildsistermag



  Follow B on Twitter: @iamsunshine78

*Editor’s Note:  Jen also wears Love Infinitely!  Check out her super awesome custom ‘thankyou/moreplease’ bracelets!

**If you have a super rad girl you would like to nominate for our ‘Girls Who Are Changing the World’, send them to us:


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